Our approach

Connect to your existing or potential disabled and older customer base

We meet you wherever you are on your inclusivity journey and enable you to speak directly to disabled and older consumers. It’s likely that some of our panel will already be your customers, and they are here because they want to help.

As an organisation led by disabled people, it matters to us that you get the best insights that will open up your services and products to as many people as possible.

Large, pan-disability consumer panel

There are over 16 million disabled people living in the UK, and we have increasingly ageing citizens. With a population this large and diverse, you need to ensure your research sample is big enough to be representative. With over 4,000 disabled people on our panel, we confidently provide this – and we are proud to encompass people with a broad spectrum of impairments and disabilities.  

Solutions as well as insights

Clients come to us because they want a conversation with disabled and older consumers. We enable you to hear not only about experiences but also their own solutions to the access challenges they face. Living as a disabled or older person often requires innovation, adaptability and resourcefulness.

By exploring solutions together, you can harness these qualities and encompass them in your design.

Over the last sixty years, businesses have come to us to drive change

  • Identify how accessible your products and services are 

  • Find out which aspects of your business, disabled and older customers find challenging 

  • Deliver robust, independent, longitudinal monitoring of services 

  • Understand current and new markets and how to reach new customers  

  • Benchmark how you perform in meeting the needs of these customers  

Our experience spans many sectors and a diverse range of topics - simple, complex and obscure. Working together brings about change which not only shifts attitudes but also influences fundamental consumer behaviours. 

Through our services, clients have been able to:

  • Improve customer loyalty and brand awareness 

  • Better differentiate markets 

  • Expand into new areas of business 

  • Unlock the spending power of disabled people (£249 billion in 2017) 

  • Evidence how their business is meeting internal, regulatory and statutory requirements and customer needs 

Wherever you are on your inclusivity journey, get in touch to see how we can help.   

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