Accessories for getting into and out of a car

Use simple kit to get in and out

Car Caddie

Car caddie

Car Caddie is an adjustable strap that attaches to the top of the door to provide a handle, which you can pull down on as you stand up or sit down. It's available from general aids suppliers and motoring suppliers.


Handybar is a sturdy bar that you just stick into the catch on the door pillar ('striker') to give you something firm to push down on as you stand up or sit down. It's available from adaptation companies, general aids suppliers and motoring suppliers.

Handy bar

Leg lifters

Leg lifters help you lift your legs over the sill. A simple DIY solution is to loop a stiff length of webbing over your foot. Or use a hooked walking stick or plastic bag – you step into it and use the handles to pull your leg up.

Transfer boards

If you don't have enough arm strength and dexterity to swing yourself in and out of the car, you may be able to slide sideways from your wheelchair using a transfer board

Driver with wooden transfer board

Find out more about using transfer boards from Guys and St Thomas's Hospital 

  • These bridge the gap between your wheelchair and the car seat. 
  • Transfer boards are sometimes called banana boards if they happen to be curved.
  • They are usually varnished or polished to make them easier to slide on.
  • They can be used with a swivel seat. If you are very heavy, you may need to be fairly strong or will need an assistant.
  • There are also more expensive versions that have a sliding section which you sit on.