Meet Aamir

A man stands at a window at dusk his back is turned and we just see his outline

Aamir, 31, from London has been a member of the RiDC panel for many years, and taken part in many research projects including bus and rail transport, technology and hubs for the visually impaired. 

He lives with a visual impairment, studied at the Centre for Accessible Environment, and works with London museums to consult on their accessibility for disabled people. 

He says that living with a visual impairment brings its daily challenges:

"Starting at the beginning of the day - imagine you wake up and go to the bathroom to brush your teeth - which toothbrush is yours?"

"Many things have improved, but some are seeming to get worse - like transport. There are less staff to help nowadays and the public are more cautious since Covid. Sometimes many buses come at once and there is no-one that can help me find out which one is mine. Bus stops get moved, or pavements redone and I can't tell where I need to go."

Aamir enjoys the variety of projects that being on the RiDC Consumer Panel offers and the chance to make improvements:

"It gives us a chance to talk, where we might be struggling in daily life - in accessibility, transport etc. RiDC takes our voice forward so that it will make a difference and improvement."

"Being on the panel also gives me more knowledge and experience trying new products and services. I get to meet other people, and sometimes there is a reward to compensate my time. It's a good experience to get involved."