Checklist of things to consider

There are many reasons why buying an electric vehicle is an attractive proposition for people, not least of which is the willingness to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Governments around the world are actively supporting the transition to cleaner energy sources and low emission vehicles.

Although electric vehicles are to some extent still in their infancy, the technology and infrastructure is developing fast. A consequence of this fast-moving landscape has been the lack of attention to the accessibility of vehicles, charging infrastructure and information systems. There is recognition of a need to improve designs and to consider the usability of these technologies from a disability perspective, however progress is slow.

The following is a checklist to help people ask the right questions of their dealership and /or hire company before buying an EV. It is a list compiled from the perspective of people who might have further requirements which would need to be met by the technology or other solutions found. It does not include considerations such as cost and home charging.

A table containing information on things to consider if you are interested in an electric car

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