Platform lifts

Use a platform lift to get a mobility scooter or wheelchair into a large car    

You bring the platform out of the boot under power, push or drive the wheelchair on and secure it.
You then use the control to transfer the platform back into the boot. 

Platform lifts can be easier than a hoist because: 

  • you don't need to fold or dismantle the wheelchair or scooter 

  • you don't need the same strength or dexterity to load the wheelchair 

  • you can secure the wheelchair to the platform before loading 

Platform lifts are: 

  • generally used for larger wheelchairs and scooters plus need quite a large load space  

  • designed to fit in MPVs, large estates and vans not small cars 

What you need to know 

  • Platform lifts are best fitted into a boot at least 120cm wide and at least 70cm deep – and sometimes back seats need to be removed 

  • It's a bulky solution: you need the same amount of room behind the vehicle to load the wheelchair onto the lift platform 

  • You may need a lighting board and number plate if the one fitted to your vehicle is obscured. 

Safety first - check everything is safe and hunky-dory  

Securing everything in your car 
It's vitally important to secure the wheelchair when the car is moving. 

 If a wheelchair or parts of a hoist or stowage system came loose, they could cause severe injuries if you brake suddenly.