Meet Sarah

Sarah standing under some trees looking at the camera smiling

Sarah spent 17 years supporting a team assessing disabled people for blue badges.

When her health declined she found so many simple tasks hard and learned of RiDC through her local advocacy group.

Sarah says:

"I have complex disabilities which include significant neuropathy in my hands and legs and struggle to do the most basic tasks safely at home.  When I was invited by RiDC to help with research on food packaging I felt so much less alone, less anxious and for first time in months felt I was helping others again. The panel I was invited to take part in had such a friendly atmosphere and was made up of various ages, the facilitators made sure each of us had time to share our experiences and opinions and I felt valued.

My main interests are product packaging, including cosmetics and food. Also public transport is a sore point, I use crutches and public transport is a nightmare - especially trying to travel any great distance such as to see my parents in Ireland.

I love to cook but can’t do so safely alone so finding tips and tricks to make it safer for us are a huge passion for me. I was a chef before working in my last role - it drives me mad not to be independent in the kitchen - especially as I am on special diet plans for my medical situation and can’t eat processed food. So it’s really important I can cook safely and too my plan when my husband is working his shift patterns (12hrs).

RiDC is important because it gives us a voice, not just personally but input for our community on issues we face everyday.

Join us to help influence positive accessibility changes for the future for all of us."