"I used to be a person… my company was outside."

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"So I didn't really have the people coming to me or in that way I used to go out to engage with people. So the fact that I'm not going out to engage and have to do it on a phone. When you're communicating with somebody on a phone, for example, that person has to have the time to talk to you at that given time.

Or they say, can I call you back later?

Or they say, I'm busy today, I'll call you next week.

Whereas when you use the pop out, as it would be and you see the person, you could have a 20 minute chat, and you come back home, or you could meet them somewhere. You could have a conversation, and you could come back home.. I wasn't so reliant on the phone.

Now I'm, I'm having to learn to become reliant on technology and the phone and zoom and all the rest of it .. It’s taking me a while to adapt. But it has highlighted that I do live quite a lonely life."