"I obviously think it's awful that we've got this pandemic and that people are dying of Coronavirus."

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"For me, it's actually changed my life for the better.

Because as well as my partial sight, I've got walking difficulties. And so I have difficulty getting out of the house, and going to the wonderful gigs in jazz clubs that I used to love to go to.

But now because of the pandemic and because of lockdown they stream these gigs live. And I can watch wonderful gigs that I once had to go all the way to the West End in a taxi, for someone to help me out the steps are down the steps, then I've got to struggle out and you've got to struggle to the loo halfway through. 

And instead I can just sit down comfortably, and on my lovely iPad and going through my lovely Bluetooth speakers is a wonderful jazz concert that I can see even more clearly than I can at the club.

My favourite is when the pianist is playing, they go right up to his fingers and the camera is right on his fingers… And you can see the fingers moving.

And it's just such a thrill for me."