RiDC Consumer Panel Reaches 2,500 People

Image shows RiDC panel members sitting round a table outside. In the middle is a man smiling and talking using British Sign Language
15 Jun 2021

We are delighted that our consumer panel of disabled and older people now counts over 2,500 members

This specialist panel is made up of people with lived experience who are motivated and ready to give their time and opinions for research and user-testing into the accessibility of different products and services.

We can confidently say we think it is the largest standalone pan-disability panel in the UK. 

RiDC CEO, Gordon McCullough explains why it's important:

 "The more people we have on the panel, the stronger the voice and the bigger influence and impact that RiDC can have.

A large panel means that we hear more voices - the collective wisdom of a group of 2,500 people is stronger. It gives more credence to the work we do, because it's such a broad base of people right across the UK, and right across all different types of disability.

"It means that we can do such varied and interesting work, and it's never the same group of people that takes part in the research. That can be mystery shopping, surveys, or user-testing products to name a few. That experience and insight is so important in developing an understanding of the barriers and challenges that people face in order to create a society that is accessible for everyone.

"Our panel members are at the heart of everything we do. We wouldn't exist without them so a huge thank you to all the panel and their dedication, motivation and enthusiasm for what we do."

Panel member, Roxy, says:

"I love taking part in the research. My instructions are always very clear and if I do not understand anything I'm able to ask the researcher for some extra guidance. I have also taken part in focus groups to discuss a product or service. It's always very nice to meet new people and share one another's ideas and concerns about something we all use."

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The panel continues to grow, and we are always welcoming new members. If you are a disabled and / or older person and would like to find out more about joining: click here