8 Oct 2020

Consumer workshops and focus groups are an ideal way to discuss views and experiences and gain insights – whether into existing or new products or services.

  • Groups are recruited from our Consumer Panel and from our community outreach network
  • Members come from all age groups and have a range of disabilities
  • We have trained moderators experienced at working with disabled and older consumers
  • We ensure all disabled people can participate, using communication support such as British Sign Language interpreters

I am a disabled person with cognitive problems so hope focus groups etc will benefit me and others with a better understanding of our struggles especially as cognitive disabilities are hidden and if you look and sound 'normal'.

RiDC consumer panel member

Case Study examples

Stannah: moderated workshop - exploring the homelift market.

Department of Transport  -  3 customer 'solutions' workshops exploring the experiences of disabled rail passengers and the barriers and challenges they may encounter when travelling by train. Formed part of a wider DFT report into rail accessibility Moving Britain Ahead.