Evri: Making Deliveries More Accessible

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13 Dec 2023

In 2022, our research commissioned by Which? found that seven in ten (72%) of disabled consumers faced one or more delivery problems in the previous year.

Which? thus concluded that ‘major retailers and delivery firms are failing disabled customers, and called on change to happen as quickly as possible.  

The research was published far and wide in the media and a review of the postal sector was undertaken by Ofcom in the same year. 

Following this, delivery firm Evri got in touch with us looking to conduct their own in-depth research and analysis with a panel of disabled consumers who use their delivery and courier service across the UK. They wanted to understand the needs of disabled consumers when using a parcel courier service. Specifically, the different experience of consumers with a range of disabilities when using a parcel courier service and what changes might improve their experiences.

They chose RiDC as their research partner for the breadth of experience of our consumer panel.

"We knew this insight would be invaluable and would provide us with an in-depth view from the perspective of disabled consumers which is something we do not have access to internally."

 Stacey Ramm, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Evri

The research took place between February and April 2023 and involved a survey sent to RiDC’s consumer panel to explore their needs and expectations when using parcel delivery services, including Evri’s. 

The insights gained from being able to connect with, ask and listen to RiDC’s consumer panel of disabled people, helped them to shape a new accessibility policy and process which enables them to better meet the needs of their disabled customers.

The research informed the final service offered to disabled consumers, addressing their main delivery concerns and providing a better user experience.

Stacey Ramm

In November 2023, Evri launched a new option for disabled customers in their delivery service – when someone receives an email notification from Evri with their parcel’s estimated time of arrival (ETA), disabled people now have the option to select a delivery instruction that works for them and their impairment or disability. Choosing from three specific accessibility options - designed with the support of RIDC – customers can select their delivery instruction, and the Evri couriers will be notified and better positioned to complete a successful delivery that meets the person’s needs 

Stacey Ramm, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Wellbeing at Evri said: 

This will make such a huge difference to many of our disabled consumers - myself included. 

“Thanks so much to RiDC for your help and support with the research and insights - the input from your panel members has been invaluable for us to build a process that works for disabled people.”


Evri has plans to evolve this over the next 12-18 months and beyond. Their full accessibility statement, and delivery policy for disabled consumers can be found here: www.evri.com/accessibility