Small changes: big difference

Our new strategy is called Small changes: big difference.

If there has been a single recurring theme to our work over the last fifty years, it is that small, seemingly insignificant changes to product and services, can make the biggest difference for disabled and older people. Our strategy aims to help businesses, government, charities and regulators, through careful, considered and inclusive research, understand those changes and make them count. 

We want a society that is accessible and inclusive for all, regardless of age or ability

To get there we will, through a collaborative approach to research transform how private, public and voluntary sectors listen to, adapt and learn from the direct experiences and insights of disabled and older people.

Our aims are as follows:


To provide high-quality research, informed by disabled and older people to improve goods and services delivered by public, voluntary and private sectors


To use the knowledge gained from our research with disabled and older people to influence and drive forward policy and practice


To increase RiDC’s strategic relevance within sectors to improve accessibility and inclusion

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